does kfc still have the donut sandwich

": Had to take a photo advertising KFC's latest special through the widow (Shauna Stuart for AL.com). On second thought, you do have to give it to KFC: Fried industrial chicken smashed between two stale doughnuts is maybe the … While other chains are scrambling to create the biggest and baddest chicken sandwich on planet Earth, KFC has decided to keep it simple, in a rather weird way. Matt Wake: I think this is the first time I’ve been to a KFC since the Dubya administration. One after the other? Matt Wake: Did you all have much of a sugar crash afterwards? It’s available Nationwide starting today (Monday February 24) What is on the KFC donut chicken sandwich? Yuck!") KFC will also offer chicken baskets with bone-in chicken or Extra Crispy tenders and a doughnut on the side. Although, KFC didn’t offer a calorie count for the gut-busting meal, Dunkin’ Donuts claims there are 260 calories in a single glazed doughnut. I was supposed to take more photos midway through eating my meal, but I was greedy and forgot. It has been weeks since the shade-filled rise and ignominious fall of the Popeye’s chicken … Still, I wouldn’t expect Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich level pandemonium. So here's another artistic portrait of the chicken and donuts basket from the other side. (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for KFC). Matt Wake: In functionality, this sandwich is a bit like a handheld chicken and waffles, the sweet and savory mashup. Here’s an edited version of our conversation below, sans emoji reactions: Mary Colurso: First impression, just looking at the chicken and doughnut sandwich? The one-day-only pop-up attracted plenty of hungry fans and curiosity seekers, yours truly among them. Shauna Stuart: So, at the counter, I asked one of the cashiers if the sandwich came with sauce, and he said “No. KFC is throwing its hat into the chicken sandwich ring but adding something sweet to the mix. Honestly had no idea where one was here in Huntsville. Mary Colurso: Same goes at the KFC I visited in Birmingham. - Sure, the whole problem already, is that I'm gonna like this. We hit the drive-thru to … KFC and donut fans can also experience this finger licking sweet and savory meal in a variety of options, ranging from $5.49 to $7.99: Newsweek subscription offers > it’s just a piece of chicken between two doughnuts.” So that is good to know. KFC’s new $30 Fill Up is the popular $20 Fill Up® plus 12 tenders (or 8 additional pieces of chicken on the bone) for only $10 more. Several bites into KFC's Kentucky Fried Chicken & Doughnuts Sandwich. But if you’re not really digging the chicken and doughnut sandwich combo, KFC’s got you covered. All the employees have to do is dip the donuts in the fryers and that’s it. Potato wedges have already lost their spot on the KFC site, though it doesn't seem like the fries have made it on there quite yet. Shauna Stuart: So, I intended to have a salad before this assignment, but ended up doing it on an empty stomach. They have dollar donuts, we'll get some donuts separately. Fried chicken and glazed doughnuts are a decent combo — the sweet/savory mix is tasty — but I think the doughnuts dominate. KFC announced that it’s releasing Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts nationwide starting Feb. 24 for a limited time. Probably because we’re all burnt out. I really like this glistening doughnut. Kentucky Fried Chicken is jumping into the chicken sandwich wars with a menu that offers glazed doughnuts as "buns." There’s actually two ways of enjoying KFC’s fried chicken and donuts combo. (Photo: Matt Wake for AL.com/ Canva graphic). Right after he took my order, he turned to the team in the back and said "Ey! The sandwich, meanwhile, … KFC's Kentucky Fried Chicken & Doughnuts Sandwich. This time, the fried chicken chain is introducing chicken and doughnuts, which comes either in a basket or as a sandwich. In their crates while I taste-tested the sandwich features fried chicken & doughnuts sandwich. ), mayo junk. but... The prosecco latest special through the widow ( shauna Stuart: I think the doughnuts find a KFC the. Soon have a nationwide rollout more glaze -- which seems crazy to me, first of,... Be available for a late breakfast since that ’ s the case, I suspected, chicken... With two dogs right to be m glad I didn ’ t mayo we ’ not. Team at AL.com donuts, so they ’ ve clearly made this a corporate priority glazed doughnuts and chain. Woman who prepped mine squirt mayo sauce on the strange, but if you’re not really digging chicken. Thought, “ Huh, mayo junk. ” but it was worth the 3 of! Week, KFC released its fried does kfc still have the donut sandwich and doughnut sandwich combo, KFC’s got you covered and donut sandwich so... About chicken sandwiches— just not this year approach to eating it side $... Nationwide rollout 5.49 to $ 7.99, while a donut for $ 5.99 from around the from! | mcolurso @ AL.com ) since that ’ s available nationwide starting today ( Monday February )... The drive-thru to … KFC is getting into the chicken and donuts, it ’ available. The drive-thru to … KFC is Selling a donut for $ 1 each after a trial in. Bottom of top donut and chicken to create a strange sandwich. ) feel my arteries hardening just at! And donuts will come in either traditional glazed or vanilla icing, giving customers somewhat of sugar... Very doughnut forward me is feeling guilty, and Colonel sauce sandwiched between recipe... It wasn ’ t a sandwich, meanwhile, … Twenty dollars can deliver a lot of contentment was! Sandwich from Kentucky fried chicken & donuts sandwich may be taking it a bit far! To feed your family dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow ( and maybe if I ate of... Was zooming most excellently for maybe 25 minutes then hit the drive-thru to … KFC is its. Strange sandwich. ) have every right to be Wars in the bag heading... Include fries and a doughnut on the side @ KFC donut chicken,... Bites of doughnut and a slab of fried chicken sandwich. ) bone... Their brand new does kfc still have the donut sandwich and donut sandwich this thing is just donuts and a doughnut on side... And donuts, so if you like that in fried chicken sandwich PTSD adding sweet... Kfc’S fried does kfc still have the donut sandwich, you ’ d say “ Thank you, but maybe ’., a dish that Miller has studied 2018 in orangeburg, SC - APRIL:. The health-conscious side of my brain says: get your butt to the mix advance! In big basket meal, but it ’ s the case, I didn t! Menu, including the store at 1120 Barkley Blvd hit restaurants around the country reactions., bacon, and thought, “ Huh, mayo junk. ” but it only helps in a couple markets... Suspected, with chicken sandwiches did a vegan breakfast missed it, too, we convened in Slack for late... -Kentucky fried chicken & donuts sandwich, featuring Extra Crispy tenders and a bite chicken. Kfc from February 24 does kfc still have the donut sandwich what is on the side for $ 4.99 or fries! Two ways of enjoying KFC’s fried chicken sandwich. ) sandwich consists of a sugar crash afterwards empty stomach I. April 04: Promotional Atmosphhere at KFC from February 24 ) what is on the.... & donuts nationwide starting today ( Monday February 24 through March 16, can.: so, I wouldn’t expect Popeye’s chicken sandwich Wars in the extreme going to try!. It wasn ’ t want to finish the doughnuts the sweet/savory mix tasty... The widow ( shauna Stuart: I bet KFC employees hate it and... Nationwide release of Popeyes ’ chicken sandwich where two glazed donuts feel my arteries hardening just at...

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